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Types of Grape grown at Yearlstone

Coming soon - pictures of individual grape varieties.

Madeleine Angevine.

The main grape in our dry and medium dry ( No 1 + No 2 ) range. Sets well each year, we choose to pick when acidity falls - so sugars are usually around the 70OE mark. Medium cropper, reliable.


Our blender with Madeleine for No 1 + No 2. More open bunches than Madeleine - ripens a little later - adds a slight spritz and freshness - good blender.


We have great hopes for Bacchus - medal winner 2004 UKVA. New plantings.

Seyval Blanc

Used in our new sparkling wine - first made using 2004 vintage grapes, double fermented throughout 2005, ready for sale in September 2005.

Pinot Noir

Also for a future sparkling wine, and also used in our rosé (Number 3) - a wine which definitely improves with age.

Pinot Gris

Made into an oaked white for 2004 (Number 6) - bottled in autumn 2004. Fermented and matured in new American Oak.


For our red (No 4) with Rondo.


A very early ripening southern German variety, very promising light red with cherry flavours - also very susceptible to wasp attack. Used in our red wine (No 4) with Dornfelder.


Lovely white variety, but the downside is the wasp attack problem. Some new plantings.