Welcome to Yearlstone Vineyard
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The Family

Juliet White

  • winemaker - trained at Plumpton College Sussex,
  • first vintage 2001,
  • born Yorkshire, educated Cheltenham.

Roger White

  • vineyard manager,
  • occasional tour guide,
  • a journalist for many years,
  • ex-presenter BBC Radio Four and World Service business programmes.

Jess, our 4 year old collie/cross dog.

  • Very distinctive white eye patches,
  • she's slightly wary of strangers, but getting friendlier over time.

Timmy the new dog.

  • He's incredibly sweet natured,
  • and normally bouncing around so much that you can't take a picture of him. Here he's amazingly calm!

Thomas and Milly, our new kittens.

  • Bouncy and into everything, like all kittens:-)

Pet Cemetary...

Bartie the dog: 1995-2008

  • How could we forget our lovely old dog Bart who sadly died a few months ago.

Pippy the tabby cat: 1995-2009

  • .. and our lovely tabby Pippy, who died recently.

And Finally...

Still here?

  • Ok, we know a tractor's not really a member of the family, but Roger insisted:-)
  • Besides (he says) it's a classic David Brown 880.
  • Now (Sept 2016) back in service with a new engine.